Bob vs the Trousers of Doom

Bob vs the Trousers of Doom

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Andy Jones, Robin Boyden


Funny Stories

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Templar Publishing




Paperback / softback




The unmissable follow-up to Bob Vs the Selfie Zombies, perfect for fans of David Solomons, David Baddiel and Greg James & Chris Smith.   

AI is threatening to take over the world, and our last hope is a 12-year-old boy called Bob.  Bob, an accidental time-traveller, should be doing his homework but instead he's bouncing in and out of the year 2049 - and life in the future seriously stinks! 

When Bob's science class experiment goes wrong, he causes a global aroma-virus pandemic - also known as the farting flu. The grumpy school inspector has his eye on Bob and detention looms. But Bob's got bigger problems.  He must face robot gorillas, an evil computer and giant patrol insects to save the world from a very farty future...  Hold your noses for an adventure to the year 2049 and back!       See Book 1:  Bob Vs the Selfie Zombies



Bob has a special gift; he can travel through time. It still freaks him out to meet future Bob and Bob's wife, but now he gets to see a new addition to the Bob family...Bob's son. Things are not great in the Year 2049...  Bob has noticed that future Bob has a bald patch on his head...really!? Oh...and SI (a form of artificial intelligence) is controlling his future life and it seems that it all started from an incident at school. Future Bob guides Bob into how he might be able to stop events happening in his time which will have an impact on the future. And it all stems from Eno Fezzinuff's trouser invention. If only Bob could stop Eno from being a success at the science fair, then the 'excuse me' fart pants wouldn't become a big hit and the future cause of Eno's evil inventor success. But each time that Bob thinks he's cracked it, the future just seems to get worse and worse which leads to even more riotous and deadly adventures. How will Bob, Malc and Gloria work together to stop Eno?

Andy Jones's fart-filled book with have children guffawing with laughter. Bob vs The Trousers of Doom is a fabulous sequel to Bob vs The Selfie Zombies, and young readers will enjoy returning to the familiar characters in this story. For children who love slapstick humour and gas-induced giggles, this is the book for them. The book is cleverly peppered with clues that pull together for the final hurrah. Andy Jones manages to tackle a serious topic about the effect of Artificial Intelligence on our futures with a light-hearted delivery.

Curriculum links to: Family, friendship, bereavement, perseverance, hope, teamwork, artificial intelligence and time travel.

320 pages / Reviewed by Donna Burkert, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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