Dave and Greta Make the World Better!

Dave and Greta Make the World Better!

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Matt Carr



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Paperback / softback




You're never too small to make a difference! Learn how to be an eco-warrior with Dave and Greta as they find little ways to make the world better.   Dave and Greta can see all around them that climate change is a really big deal. But they are so small, they're worried that they won't ever be able to make a difference. That's until they find out that actually, it's the small things that count! Whether it's turning off the tap when brushing our teeth, or not wasting paper when drawing pictures, Dave and Greta show us that you're never too small to make a difference.

A funny and reassuring story that's perfect for teaching little ones about the environment. A brightly coloured, rhyming picture book to read together at bedtime, again and again. With a page of handy tips so you can help to make the world better, too!

Text and illustrations © Matt Carr, 2022, reproduced with permission from Scholastic



Dave and Greta Make the World Better! Dave is a fox and Greta is an Owl (I'm sure Attenborough and Thunberg are delighted!) and they both live in the wood. Noticing that summers are getting warmer and winters aren't as cold, Dave stumbles upon the thorny issue of climate change and the pair worry about what will happen to their homes. Dave jumps in and plans plenty of hare-brained ideas but Greta heads for the library and does some research.  What follows are simple suggestions children can action immediately to save energy and start to look after our planet.

This charming book is full of bright illustrations and the story is told in a bouncy rhyme that makes it perfect for bedtime reading, school assemblies or an end of the day class reader. A perfect gift for any little Davids or Gretas in your life - or a good addition to your eco-warrior book collections in school.

Picture Book / Reviewed by Wendy Kelly, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


Dave and Greta Make the World Better is a simple, clear picture book that explains to younger children what climate change is. The rhyming text will help young children stay engaged as the animals in the wood start to learn about climate change. Some of the animals worry; others think it will be fine - they can hide in Bear's cave if it gets too hot. Wise young owl Greta does some research at the library to find out more about climate change, and discovers that there are small things that she and her friends can do to help make a difference.

The message, that no one is too small to play their part in helping the planet, is a positive one for young children and the images will help to show them that things like recycling, saving energy and not wasting water are all important for the health of the planet.  The final page, a non-fiction spread, also helps them to understand the importance of trees to our climate, and shows them how to grow their own oak tree.

This is a lovely book that covers the basics of climate change in a child-friendly, positive way that will help them understand the problem without feeling overwhelmed by it.

Picture book / Reviewed by Elen

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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