Death in the Spotlight

Death in the Spotlight

By Author / Illustrator

Robin Stevens



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Penguin Random House Children's UK




Paperback / softback



Death in the spotlight by Robin Stevens is part of A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery series. Wells and Wong are my favourite detective duo and their latest case is really rather splendid and one of their best. The detectives are spending some time in London with Daisy's uncle. To keep them out of trouble, he arranges for them to work at the Rue Theatre. Of course, nothing is ever simple for the girls and what starts as two minor parts in a West End production rapidly turns into a full-scale murder investigation as one of the stars is killed. The Rue certainly isn't short of suspects as it seems the victim was despised by the majority of the cast. Wong and Wells immediately leap into action but can they solve the crime before the murderer strikes again - or Daisy's uncle realises that they are caught up in yet another murder? Alex and George are back to help Wells and Wong solve this crime. Could romance finally be on the cards for Hazel, as he seems to have had a change of heart? Her behaviour is very out of character and she even shocks herself, but Daisy has fallen for one of the theatre's stars! But will she be able to stop her feelings from clouding her detective judgment? In the classroom, I would look at how Hazel and Daisy's characters change and mature. Extracts could be taken from across the series and analysed as part of guided reading. I would explore Robin Steven's author notes - she explains the research she did when writing this book and I think it provides an excellent insight into a writer's craft. Again, this could form the basis of a number of guided reading sessions. 416 pages / Ages 11+ / Reviewed by Elizabeth Harris, teacher.

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