Ellie Pillai is (Almost) in Love

Ellie Pillai is (Almost) in Love

By Author / Illustrator

Christine Pillainayagam


Romance & Relationships

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Faber & Faber




Paperback / softback




Everyone's favourite confused heroine Ellie Pillai is back in the perfect summer romance!

Note to self: what is falling in love, and am I really sure I want to do it?  Ever since Ellie and Ash got together, Ellie Pillai has been discovering kissing and . . . questions . . . so . . . many . . . questions. When Ellie goes to New York, she has to say goodbye to sexy Ash after only having just got together with him. As Ash's text messages get more and more cryptic and annoying, Ellie meets Dirty-Blond stranger, a boy from school who wants her to join his band . . . And suddenly everything feels a bit more complicated as well as more exciting - because what happens if you're on cloud nine, but not actually sure who you should be falling in love with?

Praise for Ellie Pillai is Brown:'I adored this,' Simon James Green. 'I loved the fresh and original voice,' Bookseller



Ellie returns to the pages of YA fiction with more real life issues for the teenager who continues to explore relationships; with her family of course, but also friendship and romantic. She is also exploring her music, getting the opportunity to sing with a band. And she still has her education to fit in!

In Ellie Pillai is (Almost) in Love, Ellie shares her hopes and dreams - as well as her fears and heartaches - with the reader in real time. You are immediately returned to her world, deeply invested in her story, rooting for her romance with Ash and curious about what might happen with the Dirty Blond band boy.

Christine Pillainayagam has written a compelling follow up, once again chock full of musical references and, once again, with QR codes spread throughout the story so readers can access original songs written and sung by 'Ellie'. The multi media element gives this book, like the previous Ellie Pillai is Brown, an edge when it comes to recommending it to students to borrow from the school library.

It would suit older secondary school students so I would recommend it for our upper school collection and again, the cover is colourful and eye-catching, making it perfect for dynamic shelving or book displays. This is the perfect teen romance to promote as part of our school summer reads. Highly recommended.

432 pages / Reviewed by Ruth Cornish, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 14+


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