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Eve McDonnell


Historical Fiction

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'Elsetime is a tale that combines time-travel with evocative description and colourful characterisation to create a unique and compelling story of friendship and courage.' Steve Voake, author of The Dream Walker's Child. A compelling story based on the Great Flood of 1928.



Elsetime is a great book for time travelling adventure fans. Set in London in 1928, it was inspired by The Great Flood of London when sadly 14 people lost their lives.

Needle, a time travelling, treasure seeking 12-year-old; Glory, an orphan with one hand; and their pet crow, are on the path to warn reluctant Londoners about their impending doom, but will they listen in time to turn the tide?

Elsetime is a story set in the fictional town of Ithington, where characters from two very different times collide in a story of friendship, determination and courage. Needle is from the past, while headstrong Glory is from the present and together to must forge ties to save the townsfolk from grave danger - a danger that threatens to erase the future.

I loved the historical aspect weaved throughout Elsetime, I felt transported back in time and it offered a real sense of what life was like back then even down to how people spoke, how they were treated if they were different, and what they needed to do to survive.

It would be a great addition to the teaching of the Great Fire of London as they both tell the story of travesty in a time before technology and advancements were made, although Elsetime offers a magical aspect which gives it that special sparkle.

This is a story about finding your inner courage, of friendship and adventure. A surprising twist in the final chapters will keep you wanting more.

364 pages / Reviewed by Kelly Buxton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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