Embassy of the Dead: Book 1

Embassy of the Dead: Book 1

By Author / Illustrator

Will Mabbitt



Age range(s)



Hachette Children's Group




Paperback / softback




The first book in a spookily funny new series, where the living meets the dead and survival is a race against time. Perfect for fans of Skulduggery Pleasant and Who Let the Gods Out.

Welcome to the Embassy of the Dead. Leave your life at the door. (Thanks.)

When Jake opens a strange box containing a severed finger, he accidentally summons a grim reaper to drag him to the Eternal Void (yep, it's as fatal as it sounds) and now he's running for his life! But luckily Jake isn't alone - he can see and speak to ghosts.

Jake and his deadly gang (well dead, at least) - Stiffkey the undertaker, hockey stick-wielding, Cora, and Zorro the ghost fox - have one mission: find the Embassy of the Dead and seek protection. But the Embassy has troubles of its own and may not be the safe haven Jake is hoping for . . .


Lola - Age 10

An innocent, clueless boy is accidentally given a severed finger when he is mistaken for a phantom named Goodmourning. This leads him to a trophy (I meant to say trophy!) of trouble and he almost gets killed 4 times! This book makes ghosts more familiar to people. I recommend this book to people who are scared of phantoms.

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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