Explorers: Amazing Tales of the World's Greatest Adventurers

Explorers: Amazing Tales of the World's Greatest Adventurers

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Jessamy Hawke, Nellie Huang



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Dorling Kindersley Ltd







A fascinating tour of land, sea and space in this excellent offering from DK. Covering a range of explorers from ancient history to present day, this text gives each person a double page spread explaining key facts into their lives and their expeditions. Author Nellie Huang clearly explains the impact on history of each explorer and their contributions to our growing knowledge of our planet and space. Written in clear language, this is a highly accessible text suitable for Key Stage 2 children. It would provide an excellent first stop in research and gaining interest in specific people. The presentation of the book is beautiful with great illustrations by Jessamy Hawke and supplemented with photos of artefacts to aid understanding. The sections the book is divided into make it more readable. In Sea and Ice, the reader learns about the great explorations of the fifteenth century as well as the expeditions to the poles in more recent times. The land section covers famous land trips and also the challenges faced when attempting to climb the highest peaks on earth. Air and space covers the space race and the efforts to find the Titanic. There is a range of male and female explorers covered with diverse people appearing and a chance to learn about some lesser-known, interesting people. A super read. Highly recommended. 144 pages / Ages 7-11 years / Reviewed by Bryony Davies, school librarian

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