Time Travel Twins: The Stone Age Clash

Time Travel Twins: The Stone Age Clash

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Josh Lacey, Garry Parsons



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Andersen Press




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Discover two sides of history with the Time Travel Twins!  Twins Scarlett and Thomas are learning about the Stone Age, so Grandad lets them use his time machine. Thomas wants to see a sabre-toothed tiger; Scarlett wants to see Stonehenge. They were thousands of years apart, what should they do? Go back in time twice of course!

From perilous encounters with Neanderthals and woolly mammoths, to being roped into a mysterious ancient ceremony, the twins will need to keep their wits about them to survive their visits to the Stone Age!

In the Time Travel Twins seriesThe Viking Attack;  The Roman InvasionThe Stone Age Clash



If you're familiar with this Time Travel Twins series, you’ll know that Scarlett and Thomas are in for some fun, if hairy, encounters.  In The Stone Age Clash they travel 4,000 years into the past to meet Minnow, a very young hunter-gatherer who is looking for her family but stumbles upon four woolly mammoths first; and Noah, a Neanderthal, who can face down a sabre-toothed tiger.  Then, 3,000 years BC, they'll see how Stonehenge was built and meet Clover and Bracken. (Lacey comes up with some brilliant names!)

As with the previous titles, I enjoyed learning through story - this time about the tools and lifestyle of Stone Age people, and the beliefs and rituals of those behind Stonehenge. I also enjoyed the humour. The historical end note gives readers further opportunity to learn - about the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages; the source and transportation of the Henge's stones (some of them named); that it took several centuries to build; and that, over the past 2 millennia there have been at least 20 different species of humans on Earth (among other facts).

Read it! Imagine it! And, KS2 teachers, use it to bring your history lessons to life.

256 pages / Reviewed by Jane Rew, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 7+


Twins Scarlett and Thomas have a secret. When they stay with their grandad, they get to travel to different places to experience life throughout history. Today it's The Stone Age, but they can't make up their minds what part of Stone Age life they want to see. Thomas wants to see a Sabre-toothed tiger and Scarlett wants to see Stonehenge. Neither can decide, so grandad says they can do both.

Travelling to the Old Stone Age first, on the hunt for a sabre-tooth, the twins become separated. Scarlett befriends a hunter who saves her from a dangerous situation and Thomas finds a child who has become lost from her parents. In their efforts to find each other and stay alive in this strange and hostile world, they learn lots about the Old Stone Age and also about themselves, too.

On returning to their grandad, they dive straight off to the New Stone Age. Divided again, the twins experience a very different introduction to the creation of Stonehenge. But each twin's journey allows them to meet and be welcomed into the lives of a group of people who help them to learn about the world they find themselves in.

Josh Lacey's Time Travel Twins: The Stone Age Clash, takes readers on two very different journeys from two very different times within the vastness of The Stone Age. Young readers will love the different story lines of the twins, and the experiences they have, as well as learn new historical facts.  An interesting and captivating read for the younger reader that combines story and history in a delightful way.

Recommended age: 7+ Curriculum links: Old Stone Age (Palaeolithic), New Stone Age (Neolithic), friendship, bravery, kindness, family, teamwork.

256 pages / Reviewed by Donna Burkert, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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