Freya's Gold

Freya's Gold

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Fiona Longmuir, illus Carmi Grau



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Nosy Crow




Paperback / softback




Buried treasure. Hidden secrets. One golden chance . . . 

Legend says the cliffs by the seaside town of Edge are riddled with smugglers' tunnels, and that gold is stashed in their caves. Freya and her best friend, Lin, love searching for treasure on the beach, but they steer clear of the dark and twisting tunnels. It'd be easy to get lost in there, and Freya's sure she can hear voices echoing from them when the wind blows.

Then a mysterious woman moves into Freya's granny's B&B and soon everything that Freya loves about Edge is under threat. It's time for Freya to face her fears. Can she strike gold before time runs out for her town?

A gripping, contemporary adventure with brilliant twists and turns, from the author of Looking for Emily.

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Freya's Gold is a perfectly perilous and deliciously dramatic middle grade novel with a pacey plot, an endearingly under-confident heroine, a sharply suspicious and perfectly coiffured stranger and an unusual new acquaintance found in the unlikeliest place.

The seaside town of Edge, is a summer haven for many tourists, but in a cold, damp February it is grey, abandoned, down on its luck and full of a shadowy past.  The stories of past pirates' and smugglers' dangerous hidden tunnels amongst the cliffs seem dark and menacing to Freya at times. Living with her Gran in her B&B, inquisitive inventor and puzzle expert, Freya isn't your typical bold central character. Speaking to people, being confident in public and sharing her talents do not come easily to her at all; she can be fearful and nervous of the riskier side of life and, as an orphan, has clearly experienced trauma in life. With best friend (lively and confident) Lin, she explores the vast stretches of beach with their shared metal detector but avoids the more isolated ( and adventurous ) nooks, crannies and caves where real treasures may lie!

When an out-of-season guest, Mrs Oleander, arrives unexpectedly at Gran's B&B, Freya finds her serious, stern demeanor suspicious and unfriendly and quickly learns an alarming reason for the woman's real reason for arriving at Edge in the midst of a bleak winter. Added to this, Freya discovers another new face and link to this mystery in the small town; this time a possible young ally with his own traumatic past and fears to conquer. The future of Freya's life with her Gran, the B&B and the future of Edge itself now rests on a fast, furious and desperate race to discover the truth behind Mrs Oleander's arrival and the real mystery and hidden secrets that lie in the imposing cliffs that Freya has feared so much.

A wonderfully exciting and engaging adventure quest of a story. Taking its lead from classic children's adventure mysteries ( think Famous Five, Secret Seven and throw in fun comparisons with delightful films like The Goonies ) with treasure-filled hunts, puzzles and riddles and a unscrupulous villain to defeat, unveil and shame, Freya's Gold is a contemporary, diverse and highly relatable modern mystery. I found it a delight to read in one highly enjoyable sitting - a refreshing and energetic escapism of a reading experience!

256 pages / Reviewed by Jennifer Caddick, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


Fiona Longmuir's new book 'Freya’s Gold' is an exciting new adventure full of twists and turns that keep you thoroughly entertained. Edge is no ordinary seaside town, and Freya loves living there because it feels like something strange could happen at any moment. Freya lives with her Gran in the BB and during the summer months the town is thriving with tourists, but during the winter months there are scarcely any visitors, that is until a mysterious woman arrives unannounced at the BB.

People love living in edge because it is different from other seaside towns, it might look a little outdated and run down but its heart is in the right place. For centuries residents have passed down folklore about pirates leaving their treasures in the secret tunnels of Edge and Freya and her best friend Lin take regular trips to the beach with their metal detector in hope of finding the pirate treasure troves.

Freya is wary of the BB's new guest - Ms Oleander - and when she finds her sneaking around, Freya becomes suspicious. A town meeting is called by the council and everybody in Edge attends. This is when they discover Ms Oleanders true intentions and the plot takes a dramatic turn and Freya, her new friend Teddy and Lin race to save the town from its doom and prove that the folklore of Edge is real. 

Reading this book has been such a pleasure, it brings the town of Edge alive and allows the audience to relate to the characters within the story. Children will love the characters and their sheer passion and determination to save their town. It will also bring elements of folklore storytelling into context, as it is beautifully written and the story almost seems real.

In the classroom, this book would be an excellent end of day story for children in KS2 and could be used to explore and model character traits and descriptive settings in English.

256 pages / Reviewed by Hayley Summerfield, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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