Extremely Greedy Dragon

Extremely Greedy Dragon

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Jessica Barrah, Chris Saunders



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QED Publishing








Follow the fearless Georgie as she befriends a hungry dragon and shows others not to judge on first appearances in The Extremely Greedy Dragon. The village of Little Chiddling has a big problem. A sleeping dragon, that cannot be woken, is fast asleep on a railway line! The Mayor offers a reward to anyone that can move the dragon off the tracks. Georgie Johnson courageously takes up the task and manages to wake the dragon up by rustling a packet of crisps. The crisps are quickly gobbled up and it's not long before the dragon visits a cricket match, a barbecue and even a wedding! Will the dragon get up to trouble or will he be helpful to the village of Little Chiddling? Part of the QED Storytime series, this beautifully illustrated book introduces young children to the pleasures of reading and sharing stories, and includes supporting notes for parents and teachers. Storytime has recently featured on CBeebies Bedtime Stories.



A sleeping dragon is found on the railway line of the village of Little Chiddling. There's a reward for anyone who can move the dragon so Georgie, who needs a new bike, takes the bait. Thinking he might be hungry, she waves some crisps under his nose. Chaos ensues - the dragon wakes up and goes on to eat everything in sight, the villagers are terrified of his ferocious appetite. With the help of Georgie he manages to show people that he is not just greedy, but also rather helpful. His fire breathing ways help relight a barbeque, dry the grass for a picnic and warm up a wedding marquee. The story ends with the Mayor deciding 'a handy dragon would be great for the village' and he is welcomed into the community, helping to set off the village's festival fireworks. Illustrated with humour throughout, there are also lots of talking points about what it means to be friendly and helpful and how first impressions can be deceiving. A vibrant, funny book.

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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