Meet the Dinosaurs

Meet the Dinosaurs

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Caryl Hart, Bethan Woollvin



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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC




Paperback / softback




ZOOOOM! We're off on an exciting journey into the past to meet the amazing dinosaurs that once roamed the earth. Join in with the rhymes and get ready to spot all the friendly (and not so friendly!) dinosaurs, from the huge Brontosaurus and amazing Diplodocus to the speedy Velociraptor and scary T-Rex. Little ones will have an action-packed time (and be back in time for bed!) in this fun and fact-packed picture book. This bold, bright follow-up to the acclaimed picture books Meet the Planets, Meet the Oceans and Meet the Weather is filled with ALL your favourite dinos. Combining STEM learning with a rhyming twist, it's perfect for all would-be palaeontologists.



I am a 'Meet theā€¦' collector as I really love the way Caryl Hart makes informative texts so full of personality, passion and character. A frequent reader of Meet the Planets, Meet the Weather and Meet the Oceans, I was keen to get my hands on Meet the Dinosaurs.

In this edition, we're off to prehistoric times over two hundred million years ago as we embark on a dino-safari! Before even beginning the story, we turn the cover to a vibrant backdrop that is perfect for using as a basis for dinosaur figures. Just lay the book open on the floor with some dinosaur figures and let your little ones' imaginations run wild with the help of the green, leafy backdrop!

I really like the way the story begins in a museum as this is most commonly where a child may have encountered dinosaur bones previously. We then journey to a world before humans to the times dinosaurs existed by jumping into the viewing vehicle to enter the Jurassic. Each dinosaur we meet tells us about their physical characteristics as well as what they like to eat and a little anecdote about their personality or what they like to spend their time doing.

We find out some rather memorable facts throughout the dino-safari. Allosaurus is fierce and as long as a lorry; Triceratops uses its eight hundred teeth to grind up plants; and Diplodocus is as long as a giant blue whale.

The final double page spread is a welcomed surprise for any dinosaur enthusiasts as we are presented with a prehistoric timeline of events which takes us all the way back to 2500 million years ago with pictures of the creatures that lived.

Not only does Caryl Hart create a wealth of characterful children's literature, she is also dedicated to fuelling reading for pleasure and excitement about all things booky! Caryl regularly creates free resources and activities for schools and families to use and I would highly recommend delving into her website to find out more.

Picture book / Reviewed by Jessica Bunney, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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