Meet the Planets

Meet the Planets

By Author / Illustrator

Caryl Hart, Bethan Woollvin


Non Fiction

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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC




Paperback / softback




Zoooooooom! We're off on an exciting space adventure in our rocket to meet all the planets of the solar system.Join in with the rhymes and spot all the smiley-faced, friendly planets, from shimmering Saturn to mighty Mars. Little ones will have a blast (and be back in time for bed!) in this striking, read-aloud, story-led picture book. Combining STEM learning with a rhyming twist, it's perfect for all would-be astronauts!



Meet the Planets is a memorable, striking, space book like no other I've ever read before. Through the pages, we follow a young, aspiring astronaut as she journeys through our solar system in a rocket with her trusty dog by her side. It is ingeniously authored by Caryl Hart in a narrative style whilst still maintaining factual elements, subtly teaching children space facts.

This picture book grabs your attention right from the inside cover with the illustration of the winking moon. Eager to delve deeper, we turn the page to see a double-page spread of darkness with vivid, luminous, colours which are maintained throughout the book.

This picture book is a very enjoyable text to read-aloud as each planet is given a comical personality to reflect its assets - which is fun and humorous when it comes to adding that expression! Venus is the 'goddess of beauty' and Jupiter is 'king of the planets', whilst Saturn is 'your beautiful queen'. Bethan Woollvin has matched her illustrations to compliment and personify the words to contribute to the personalities of the planets.

This is perfect to read and enjoy with anyone interested in learning about space. With its rhythmic rhyming couplets, the text encourages engagement from the audience as you use your knowledge about space to anticipate the next rhyme. The fact that it is a young girl who is interested in space and becomes an astronaut adds more layers to this extremely well presented book, squashing that 'scientist' stereotype.

I have read this story repeatedly with a cohort of Reception children who have enjoyed hearing it time after time, really getting to know the personalities of these planets to help them remember their attributes

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Jessica Bunney, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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