Let's All Say Yes!

Let's All Say Yes!

By Author / Illustrator

Nia Roberts, Nneka Okoye


Representation & Inclusion

Age range(s)



Nosy Crow




Paperback / softback




A bright and engaging picture book that champions diversity and celebrates love in all its shapes and sizes.

Sometimes a block might love a spot . . . and sometimes a spot might love another spot . . . and sometimes a block or a spot doesn't want to be a block OR a spot AT ALL!  What's wrong with that? Why, NOTHING, of course!  Let's all say YES in this uplifting story that welcomes diversity and encourages every reader to be whoever they want to be.

With four zingy pantones throughout, this is a stylish, graphic take on complex topics of inclusivity and acceptance.



Let's All Say Yes! is a fabulous book about diversity and inclusivity, encouraging the reader to be themselves while recognising that we are all different. The graphics are basic but effective as the pastel colours used make the shapes pop and my daughter has found it engaging as it looks very different from all her other books. She loves answering the questions in the book like 'love is love, isn’t it?'

We've found Let's All Say Yes! to be a great resource to encourage discussion of love and relationships and to provide a spring board for discussing diversity with our four-year-old.

Picture book / Reviewed by Joanne Thomas

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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