Skunk! Skedaddle!

Skunk! Skedaddle!

By Author / Illustrator

Peter Bently, Laurie Stansfield


Representation & Inclusion

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Andersen Press




Paperback / softback




Nobody wants to be friends with a smelly skunk, but Sally is desperate to show the townspeople that she would never let off a stink around friends. When she bumps into the town robber, it's time to show everyone how useful her stink can be!

Multi-award-winning Peter Bently teams up with Laurie Stansfield to teach us not to judge a skunk by its stink!



Skunk! Skedaddle! will make your nostrils twitch and your tummy laugh as you read this hilarious book. Sally the skunk is lonely living on her own in the woods and decides to travel to the city to make friends... However, her journey and time in the city do not go to plan because she is a skunk!

"Skedaddle! Skedaddle!" is heard throughout the city with Sally becoming sad as nobody wants to be near her because they think she will smell. Sally then becomes a hero when she spots a robber and stops him with her skunk defense! The people in the city then have a change of heart and understand that Sally is friendly and does not smell unless she uses her smell when in danger.

This book is fun with lovely illustrations and a rhyming text! 5 stars!!

Picture book / Reviewed by Maria, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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