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Peter Bunzl, Evan Hollingdale, Evan Hollingdale, Anneli Bray



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Barrington Stoke Ltd




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When the lighthouse no longer shines, what else has the power to guide you to shore?

Deryn's father is the lighthouse keeper on Featherstone Island, keeping the lantern lit to protect passing boats from the treacherous rocky coastline. But when an emergency arises and her parents have to travel to the mainland for help, Deryn is left alone to keep watch over the lighthouse, and she finds herself in a terrible situation when the lamp runs out of oil during a wild storm.

With a fishing boat in peril on the sea, and time running out to rescue those on board, Deryn seeks help from an unusual source. Will she be able to keep the lantern lit through the dark, dangerous night?


Peter Bunzl, the award-winning author of the Cogheart series, stirs up magic, myth and history in his truly captivating Barrington Stoke debut.



Featherlight by Peter Bunzl, author of The Cogheart series, is a story that brings myths to life.

Deryn, the lighthouse keeper's daughter, is now the lighthouse keeper. She needs to keep the lamp lit to allow boats and fisherman safe passage. The rocks nearby are treacherous.

When her pregnant mother leaves for the mainland, accompanied by Deryn's dad, to seek help in birthing the new baby, Deryn is left alone for the first time. The responsibility falls heavily on her shoulders.

One fateful night, the light goes out. There is no oil left in the reservoir and there is a boat heading straight for the rocks. Deryn turns to an unusual source to light the lamp. Will she be able to keep the lantern lit through the dark, fateful night?

With themes of survival, empathy and friendship told through the eyes of a young girl manning a lighthouse, this book would be a great support in the teaching of light, lighthouses and the dangers of the sea. I would recommend it to lower KS2 (Y3 or Y4).

80 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Kelly Buxton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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