Green: The Story of Plant Life on Our Planet

Green: The Story of Plant Life on Our Planet

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Nicola Davies, Emily Sutton



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A magnificent look at the science of plants from the internationally bestselling and multi award-winning team behind Tiny, Lots and Grow.

This tree doesn't look like it's doing very much: it just stands there in the sunlight, big and GREEN. But this tree is busy... Starting with the secret workings of a tree, this book transports readers billions of years into the past; back to the moment when plant life first appeared on our planet. Covering its evolution, the steady emergence of fossil fuels and the extraordinary communities of plants around the world today, Nicola Davies and Emily Sutton combine essential biology with a powerful message - a call to protect the most precious colour on Earth ... GREEN.

"Reveals the miraculous-ness of science with sheer sharp edge precision and decorative charm."  The Sunday Times on Tiny.  "Clear, direct, involving text, coupled with vivid, delicate illustrations make for a truly special work of non-fiction." Guardian on Lots.   "This beautiful volume uses simple, crystal-clear text and exquisite illustrations... A remarkable and very special work of non-fiction." Independent on Grow.



Bursting with information about plant life, Green: The Story of Plant Life on Our Planet is another wonderful collaboration from Nicola Davies and Emily Sutton. Starting with the importance of the tree, the reader is led on a fascinating journey beginning 3.5 billion years ago when plant life started to appear on Earth and leading to the present day where they are reminded that 'green is the most important colour in the world'. Enticing illustrations accompany the text, supporting understanding of complex concepts.

The opening spread shows a child, gazing up in wonder at a magnificent tree teeming with life, which instantly captures interest, drawing the reader in from a starting point they can relate to. As the process of photosynthesis is introduced, the importance of 'green' is emphasised. Technical vocabulary is clearly defined with an enlarged, labelled section of a leaf supporting the explanation.

Nicola Davies manages to convey complex scientific information succinctly and clearly in a chatty, friendly style which is so accessible and easy to digest. The use of fossil fuels and the impact this has had on the environment is clearly presented before the reader is brought back to the important role which plants have in maintaining - and restoring - the balance.

Different communities of plants across the world, and the dangers they face, are explored before the book closes with the simple call to protect them. A beautiful and special book.

40 pages / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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