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Laura Dockrill, Lauren Child


Mental Health & Wellbeing

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An iconic picture book collaboration about feelings and acceptance from two of the most beloved voices in children's literature.

Beautifully crafted compositions together with simple die-cut design, reveal the story of a child who feels as though all their colours have disappeared. Despite the joyful orange balloon, the huge yellow sun and the bright green trees, the child still feels grey. That is, until a reassuring hand reaches out and shares words of kindness. Soon the child begins to see the warmth of colour again, and understands that their colours will always be there and that they will always be loved, whether they feel grey or sunshine yellow.

Laura and Lauren have created a beautiful book full of empathy and understanding that will provide comfort and hope to readers of all ages.



Grey is an important book because it explores feelings through colour. It begins with "Today I am grey. I don't feel sunshine yellow or balloon orange bright or treetop green." In this clever book, feelings are explored through colour and the beautiful illustrations by Lauren Child.

Grey is shown through a child's point of view in lots of things they encounter like puddles, clouds and scribbles on a page. This book helps children to understand that it is ok to feel grey and there are ways to change the grey into happier colours with a hug and a chat with a loved one.

This book would support wellbeing with children and developing empathy and understanding of others when they feel 'grey'. The delightful cut outs give opportunities for discussion and show the two sides to each part of the story.

This book was shared with a class of 6-7 year olds and led to lots of important discussions about feelings.

40 pages / Reviewed by Maria, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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