Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

By Author / Illustrator

Clare Helen Welsh, Ana Sanfelippo


Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Little Tiger




Paperback / softback




A CBT-inspired novelty book by Clare Helen Welsh, accompanied by beautiful, nuanced illustrations from Ana Sanfelippo.

When you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes.

When you put on your sunny-side specs a bad mood can become a good mood, a goodbye can become a hello, and even the impossible can become possible! But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the sunny side seems far away. And that's OK. Sunny things will be there to discover whenever you are ready.

This warm and innovative novelty book uses die-cuts and flaps to transform the world around us, illustrating the power and impact that reframing your thoughts can have. Just like Happy by Nicola Edwards and Katie Hickey, The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas and The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright and Chris Chatterton, Sunny Side Up is the ideal book for exploring difficult emotions.



Have you ever thought of looking at the world around you in a different way? This book teaches all who read it to look at each situation from a happy perspective. A goodbye may bring a hello. A bad mood can change.

The child in Sunny Side Up is learning how if you look at each situation differently, you might experience things differently. The book also acknowledges that sometime we just need to be sad and that's OK.

I love how the child then passes this knowledge to a smaller child at the end of the book. My son, who is two, wants the book read again and again. He liked the colours and the cut outs/flaps. My daughter, who is seven, like the way the book explains our feelings.

I will be using this book with my class of five and six-year-olds. We will make glasses and try to see the world in a positive light.

Picture book / Reviewed by Jen Bevan, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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