Hello Winter (Best Friends with Big Feelings)

Hello Winter (Best Friends with Big Feelings)

By Author / Illustrator

Jo Lindley


Friends and family

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HarperCollins Publishers




Paperback / softback




Meet four magical friends who control the seasons in this irresistible new series from author-illustrator Jo Lindley.

Finally it's Winter turn to share her special season, and she's SO excited. But her friends don't like her chilly games. Instead of passing the weather crown to Winter, Autumn gives it to Spring.  As Winter stomps off to play snow games on her own, it isn't long before her friends start feeling bad. Can they find their way through the ice and snow to tell their friend how much she means to them?

Perfect for little readers learning about empathy and taking turns.  Each title centres on a different seasonal character and gently explores key social and emotional themes, such as anxiety, self-belief and resilience.  Set in an enchanting natural world that readers will love to return to again and again!

Collect the series and discover more magical seasonal adventures:   Hello Spring;   Hello Autumn;   Hello Summer

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