I Really, Really Don't Like Parties

I Really, Really Don't Like Parties

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Angie Morgan


Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Dora really, really doesn't like parties! They are too loud and too busy. Maybe she won't have to go if a gorilla steals her party dress or if a giant frog eats her shoe!

But...what if Dora could find a nice quiet place at the party, and someone else who doesn't like noisy parties? Then they could have a lovely time - in their own way. and that would be...absolutely, completely, totally and perfectly OK!



Dora finds a party invitation in her school book bag. It's for her friend, Rashid's, birthday party. Dora has been to a party before and hated it; too loud and too busy. Mum keeps telling her it will be fun but Dora thinks up more and more outlandish excuses as to why she isn't able to attend. Of course a gorilla hasn't stolen her party dress and a frog hasn't eaten one of her shoes, so off to the party she goes. As she suspected, it's loud and it's busy and Dora isn't having fun. She finds some respite by hiding under a table and that's when she discovers she's not the only one who really doesn't like parties...

I Really, Really Don't Like Parties is a fabulous story for any child who also doesn't like big events. It's a good way to talk about how receiving an invitation might make you feel and what you might experience at a party. It also normalises not liking the noise and the fuss and reminds us that more than one child will feel like this. It's also a gentle reminder to adults that there should always be a quieter chill-out space for those children who are overwhelmed by it all.

This book is perfect for an assembly story, or for some one-to-one social and emotional support work. It's also a good discussion starter for a class story time. The perfect gift for any sensitive or neurodiverse child, this is one that will be read again and again to remind children it's okay not to like the full-on party experience. Highly recommended.

Picture book / Reviewed by Wendy Kelly, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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