Interview with a Tiger: and Other Clawed Beasts too

Interview with a Tiger: and Other Clawed Beasts too

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Andy Seed, Nick East



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Welbeck Publishing Group








If you could talk to animals, what would you ask?
'What are your top tips for catching prey, Tiger?'
'How do you help yourself to honey, Honey Badger?'
'Why do you howl, Wolf?

Get familiar with 10 fierce and furry beasts as they step up to the mic and share their habits, behaviour, likes and dislikes, favourite foods, and more. Each animal has its own story to tell... and its own attitude!

In this fun and fact-filled book, bite-sized text in a question-and-answer format is paired with colourful and engaging illustrations throughout, perfect for emerging or reluctant readers, or any young animal enthusiast who enjoys a bit of humour!

Features 'interviews' with a tiger, wolf, honey badger, giant armadillo, lion, jaguar, giant anteater, snow leopard, polar bear, and three-toed sloth. Plus, ideas for how to do your bit to help endangered species and their habitats.

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This is such a great present non-fiction material in such a fun way. The interview style is very clever, using fact and humour. Interview with a Tiger: and Other Clawed Beasts Too is an interesting way to get children to think about the environment, climate change, its effect on animals and their habitats by relating the issues to the animals/the interviewees personally; the animals plea to the Andy (the interviewer) and reading audience to affect change to help them. The illustrations by Nick East are fantastic, he's one of my favourite illustrators. Highly recommend for children age 6+ (Years 1-4).

48 pages / Reviewed by Mrs M

Suggested Reading Age 5+


Having made a 'tranimalator', Andy Seed has scoured the planet to conduct some amazing interviews with ten spectacular clawed creatures, including a tiger, wolf, and my personal favourite, a snow leopard.

Each interview in Interview with a Tiger: and Other Clawed Beasts Too is packed with fascinating facts about the animals and their habitats, with each creature's personality shining through. It has to be said, their views on humans don't show us in a particularly good light. Nick East's fabulous illustrations pair perfectly with Andy Seed's trademark wit and warmth to create a perfect pleasure browser that can be dipped in and out of, but once I started, I found I wanted to meet all of the animals at once.

Complete with a 'How you can help' section, discussing what it means to be an endangered animal, you can find out the little things you can do to make a positive impact in our planet. The book also finishes with a fun quick quiz, too.

I'm delighted to hear that this is the first in a whole series of books featuring the vast array of wildlife that we share our planet with. Great for non-fiction fans, animal lovers and classes learning about predators. It's bound to inspire curious minds to discover more.

48 pages / Reviewed by Nicki Cleveland, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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