Is it a Seed?

Is it a Seed?

By Author / Illustrator

Emily Ann Davison


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A fun-filled and creative journey through a child's imagination, as they try to envision the many varied outcomes for a little seed they find. But will they be patient enough to see the end result?

Get ready for a captivating journey of imagination in Is it a Seed? Hold on tight as you join in the excitement of discovering a mysterious seed. With vivid curiosity, our young explorers wonder what it could become. Will it sprout into a lone flower? Or could it transform into something truly extraordinary?  As the seed takes root, wild dreams unfold. Could it grow into a sprawling tree, offering shade and adventure? Or perhaps a colossal beanstalk leading to a magical kingdom?

Emily Ann Davison's wonderfully lyrical text is breathtakingly illustrated by Adriena Fong and is a celebration of imagination, growth, and the thrilling anticipation of the unknown.



Is it a Seed? depicts a colourful and creative journey through the imagination of two children when they discover a mysterious seed and begin to wonder what it could become. Will it sprout into a lone flower or could it transform into something truly extraordinary?

As the story unfolds, so do the dreams and thoughts of the two characters in the book, both of whom use one another's ideas to build bigger and more exciting suggestions of what the seed could become.

The author engages the readers by writing the story in a way that reflects the way in which conversation evolves between young children. The children I read this to quickly became entranced by the story and this allowed me to develop their thinking by asking open ended questions, challenging them to "go deeper" as they expressed their ideas. We also discussed how important it is to listen to others as it helps us to develop our own thoughts and ideas.

Is It a Seed provides opportunities to link to story with our scientific learning about seasons, growth and lifecycles (plants and humans) as well as providing opportunities for creative and imaginative writing. Totally invested, the children were keen to "continue" the story and describe what they thought was at the top of the beanstalk. The outcome was superb descriptive writing. A fantastic addition to our KS1 library.

Picture book / Reviewed by Samantha Hughes, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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