Jasper and Scruff

Jasper and Scruff

By Author / Illustrator

Nicola Colton


Early Readers & Young Fiction

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Little Tiger Press Group




Paperback / softback




Smart kitty. Mucky pup. Here comes trouble...

Jasper has everything he could want - a fancy apartment, bow ties in every colour and a large book collection. The only thing he's missing is the right type of friends! Jasper wants to become a member of 'The Sophisticats', a society for exceptional felines, more than anything. When they accept Jasper's dinner invitation, he knows his chance to impress has arrived. But a boisterous puppy called Scruff follows Jasper home and his evening doesn't quite go to plan...

A laugh-out-loud tale of friendship with colour illustrations, perfect for new readers moving on from picture books, and fans of CLAUDE, RABBIT AND BEAR, DIXIE O'DAY, SQUISHY MCFLUFF and COWBOY PUG.



We've probably all experienced those times in life when what we have just doesn't seem enough. We seek to elevate ourselves higher and join the ranks of the social elite. No? Well, Jasper the cat has. He may look like he has it all: a fancy apartment, a bookcase full of books arranged by colour and the largest collect of bow ties a cat could ever wish for, but Jasper is missing the right kinds of friends. He is desperate to join the most purr-fect group of cats in town, the Sophisticats! Jasper, would ordinarily be considered by everyone as one fancy cat; but books, bow ties and ballrooms are not all he craves. He desires the society of truly exceptional felines and Jasper has a very refined plan to make that happen. Membership into the most exclusive club in town doesn't come without careful planning and Jasper proposes to wow the sophisticated cats with his culinary skills at a spectacular dinner party, what could possibly go wrong? The invitations are sent, the replies received and the menu is decided, all Jasper needs to do now is the food shopping. However, whilst searching in the food emporium for the perfect cheeses, fish and baked goods Jasper happens upon the sloppiest, scruffiest puppy one could wish to meet and he just can't seem to shake him off. Scruff, the mangy mutt follows Jasper back to his pristine apartment and the setting of the evening's grand dinner party. Refusing to leave, Jasper has no choice but to entertain the little pup whilst preparing for the most important social event in his calendar, the one all his hopes of joining the Sophisticats are pinned on. As you might expect, the dinner party is a disaster. As it turns out, sophisticated cats are rude and Jasper is run ragged by their dietary demands. That, and the fact that Scruff just keeps getting in the way, makes the evening a failure and Jasper's perfect evening becomes a complete cat-astrophe of cake, candles and chandeliers. Jasper comes to realise that he doesn't want to be a sophisticat after this calamitous evening. But he does learn an invaluable lesson about who the right kinds of friends are. This adorable book is a complete delight. A story that teaches an important lesson about surrounding ourselves with the right kinds of people and who the right kinds of people are. Nicola Colton's fabulous story is mirrored with gorgeous illustrations on each page, making this a book that will appeal to newly independent and reluctant readers. The bright, whimsical illustrations in a simplified colour palette catch the eye and draw the reader in and through the story. Her strong characters are gorgeously illustrated and easily identified with. There are 'ooh' and 'ah' moments throughout, making this a wonderful story to read aloud and share enthusiastically with others. 96 pages / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Emily Beale, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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