Leila, the Perfect Witch

Leila, the Perfect Witch

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Flavia Z. Drago


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Leila is spellbindingly good at everything ... until she discovers that baking is no piece of cake!  New from the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Gustavo, the Shy Ghost!

Leila Wayward is an extraordinary little witch who excels at everything she does. She's the fastest flier, the most cunning conjurer and the sneakiest shape-shifter. She is also the youngest in a long line of master bakers, so Leila's big dream is to win the most infamous culinary competition around: The Magnificent Witchy Cake-Off! But even with the most bewitching of recipes, Leila realizes a terrible truth: she's a disaster in the kitchen! Luckily, Leila has three magical sisters who are always there for her. Can they remind her to have some fun along the way?

Set in Mexico, this vibrant story - brimming over with delicious sweet treats - is a celebration of sisterhood, taking part, and the simple joy of making (and eating!) food together.



In Leila, the Perfect Witch, Leila discovers that baking isn't as easy as she thought it would be when she enters the Magnificent Witchy Cake-Off competition. Given that she comes from a long line of experts in the 'Dark Arts of Patisserie', Leila expects that she will also excel in the kitchen - but in fact she proves to be a bit of a disaster. Luckily her sisters come to the rescue and there is a strong message of family, friendship and having fun in the ending.

This is a story about accepting that we can't be good at everything and that it's okay to sometimes show our vulnerable side. It's also a lovely story to share the message that we don't always have to win - and that taking part can still be fun.

The illustrations make this a real Halloween treat, with skulls, spells and ghosty creatures on the pages. There is so much detail to explore - and children will love hunting the pumpkins, frogs and gingerbread men! 

Picture book / Reviewed by Elen Green.

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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