Let's Go Home, Baby Chick

Let's Go Home, Baby Chick

By Author / Illustrator

Carolina Buzio, Kristin Atherton




Nosy Crow Ltd




Board book




Help the baby animals find their way home in this fun sliding counter series!

Meet chick, lamb, duckling and calf - four adorable baby animals who are lost on the farm! With easy-to-use moving parts and four unique tracks to develop hand-eye coordination and concentration, babies and toddlers will enjoy taking the baby animals home in this robust, satisfying board book.  Scan the Stories Aloud QR code on the back cover to read along with the story!

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Let’s talk about the new Easter edition to the 'Let's Go Home' collection of books with interactive sliding counters. In this book, your toddlers are tasked with moving the baby animals on the sliding counters through the farm and home to their family. If your child is anything like mine, they will love meeting the baby animals and helping them find their 'Mummy'.

This book has supported my child's role play as they act out baby animals being with their grown-ups. There have also been many stories narrated spontaneously whilst sliding the counters along the pages including, "Come on, Baby! Where’s your Mummy?”" and "Well done, you found your friends!".

Fine motor skills are a fundamental part of early development, and this book provides a great resource to promote the development of this skill. The children will need to use their coordination skills to place one finger on the tab whilst providing enough pressure to navigate it in all kinds of directions. This is great practice for your little one as they may find some directional movements more challenging than others.

Beyond this, there is also a 'What can you spot?' activity on every page. The children have a range of labelled illustrations to find in the picture. How many of each thing can they find? Where are they hiding? This is the perfect opportunity to nourish and explore positional language with your child. You can model and encourage them to echo using prepositions such as: above, below, up, across, around and among.

Although his book brings the Spring vibes, it is not restricted to this and can absolutely be enjoyed all year round! Having said that - what a great Easter gift this would make!


Suggested Reading Age 0+


Let's Go Home, Baby Chick is a lovely, interactive book for tiny readers! Throughout the book, there are counters to move along a path which is a great alternative to the usual methods of interactivity (e.g. flaps). There are also some great common, simple words for children to look for and identify using the pictures alongside them. Each page features a different farm animal with lovely illustrations of their habitat and other things you may find there.

Board book / Reviewed by Lucy Hopkins

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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