Look Out! Hungry Lion (Look Out! Hungry Animals)

Look Out! Hungry Lion (Look Out! Hungry Animals)

By Author / Illustrator

Paul Delaney




Kumusha Books




Board book




Hungry Lion is on the hunt for food in this fun, cheeky and vibrant lift-the-flap story!  It's dinnertime and Hungry Lion is in the mood for something to eat... but his prey see him coming! Will Lion end up with anything to munch?

With six spreads and five sturdy flaps, perfect for little hands, children will love discovering who's hiding on each page in this funny and playful introduction to the food chain!   See also: Look Out! Hungry Snake



This is a fun, energetic story about the food chain for young children who enjoy hide and seek, with an edge! Lion is hungry and looking for a snack. Will he find what he's looking for behind the branch, under a rock or in the tall grass...? Each time Lion thinks he has found his dinner, it swings, runs or ducks out of reach. Poor Hungry Lion!

Children will enjoy discovering what's under the flaps in this brightly coloured board book for preschoolers. As well as encouraging children to lift flaps and explore what's behind them, this series offers lots of discussion points and can be used in the nursery with children learning about the food chain. See also: Look Out! Hungry Snake.

Board book / Reviewed by Elen Green

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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