Lie or Die

Lie or Die

By Author / Illustrator

A. J. Clack


Suspense & Thrillers

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Firefly Press Ltd




Paperback / softback




Ten strangers trapped in a television studio.  Forty-two remote cameras.  One rule: Trust no one.  When a casting call is announced for new reality TV show Lie or Die, Kass is tricked into auditioning by her best friend.

Big Brother meets Mafia, Lie or Die pits contestants against each other as they try to discover who is a murderous agent and who is an innocent player. But when contestants start to turn up dead (the real kind, not the fake kind), Kass realises that not being eliminated and winning the game is the least of her worries. No longer a game of truth and lies, Kass and her friends are in a fight for survival. 'Reality' just got very real.



Lie or Die is such a page turner, it kept me on the edge of my seat as I read every word! This is an exhilarating read full of high stakes, tensions, interesting group dynamics and the challenges of reality TV and our expectations of it. A.J Clack is able to fully captivate you in the drama and it truly gets your heart going!

With the only rule in this twisted game being to trust no one, the 10 strangers who become trapped in a seemingly normal television studio begin to get paranoid. 42 cameras and five confusing deaths leave the rest of the contestants alone, fearful and desperate. This is the death of reality TV, and at the centre is our girl next door, Kass Kennedy.

Kass has always felt herself to be blindsided by her best friend's quality of character and feels she is forgotten by everyone else in a society that only cares for wealth and fame. In an attempt to build burning bridges, Kass agrees to go on the show with her sparkly best friend Thea; they have no idea what they had signed up to.

I honestly can't get over this adrenaline-fuelled read, it truly is a perfect murder mystery. Twist and turns at every chapter and the character development for each player truly captures the desperation of the game. Empathy rises with each page you read and the players' anxiety spikes…

What this book also does is to challenge the unspoken impacts of reality TV, bringing in elements of prominent truths from our own lives that are still ignored or forgotten, even when the impact is death. A.J Clack masterfully paints surreal pictures of the horrors of social media and the impact it can have on a person, whether it's suicide, manipulation, abuse or the development of a serial killer; Lie or Die covers all areas and exposes the cruelty a person can have when hidden behind a screen.

I can only sing this book's praises; perfect for those who love a dark thrilling murder mystery; mostly aimed at 14-year-olds upwards as there is some violence depicted.

384 pages / Reviewed by Ophelia McCluskey Gahan, student

Suggested Reading Age 14+

Bethany - Age 14

Lie or Die is a gameshow that is based on a well know game called Mafia. The contestants are selected by an interview with the hostess, Pippa.

I found this book really interesting and it has loads of plot twists. It is a murder mystery and is a bit scary, I found it ok but younger readers might find it frightening. It shows you how you should not judge a book by its cover as a few of the contestants who you think are docile or tough, when faced with a challenge or a threatening situation, can completely change personalities.

384 pages

Suggested Reading Age 14+


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