Little Owl's Babysitter

Little Owl's Babysitter

By Author / Illustrator

Debi Gliori, Alison Brown


Family & Home

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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC




Paperback / softback




Little Owl does NOT want a babysitter ... he's not a baby and he certainly doesn't want to be sat on! When Pinny the babysitter arrives, Little Owl wants a long bedtime story and a hot chocolate with forty marshmallows - and he mustn't forget to say goodnight to ALL his toys, about a millionty billion of them! Then, Little Owl sets Pinny a final, impossible task: 'The moon,' said Little Owl, 'I need it by my bedside.'

With all the trademark humour that readers have come to know and love from this series, this reassuring and funny story is the ideal way to soothe anxiety about having a babysitter.



Little Owl’s Babysitter is a delightful tale of Little Owl and their babysitter. From following routines, controlling an environment and letting your imagination run free, this laughable and highly relatable tale has so many avenues to explore further with comprehension and social discussions and debates. The bright and colourful illustrations add extra character and humour to the story and really show the emotions the characters are experiencing.

Even after several 'NOs' and taking Mummy Owl's shawl and handbag, Mummy Owl is leaving Little Owl in the trusty hands of Pinny the babysitter for the night. Little Owl is clearly not happy about this! As Mummy Owl flies away, she reminds them both, 'story, snack, then straight to bed'.  Little Owl is adamant that this routine is going to be done their way. Pinny shows great patience as the evening unfolds and allows the routine to be followed Little Owl's way.. even when it involves all millionty billion of their cuddly toys being kissed goodnight!

The final straw may have come, though, when Little Owl gets into bed and wants a special night light.. The moon! Cleverly, Pinny devises a plan by letting their imaginations run free. The moon can have a story, snack and then it’s straight to bed! A great story for young readers to listen to and enjoy.

Picture book / Reviewed by Maria Faithorn, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


Little Owl’s Babysitter by Debbie Gilori is a wonderful book about bedtime routines and excuses. One night Little Owl is left at home whilst mummy goes out. Pinny the babysitter arrives in the form of a hedgehog. Bedtime becomes a time of excuses and procrastination. Little Owl begins by saying he needs a snack or that his hair needs washing or that he has to say good night and kiss all of his cuddly toys. Anything to delay the inevitable.

This is a good book to talk about why such excuses happen at bedtime; the story explores the sense of uncertainty when we say goodbye to the day and find ourselves alone in our thoughts. Pinny demonstrates patience and resilience and does his best to soothe all of little Owl’s worries. They have to look at and catch the moon, then say good night to all the planets, making sure that they have an astroid snack with Stardust sprinkles until eventually Little Owl is so tired that finally he falls asleep.

This is a story that hopefully will soothe any bedtime worries and encourage children to think about why it is that they may make the excuses they do or delay going to bed. It acknowledges the feelings of worry and concern and helps to 'put them to bed', A lovely book to share in class as part of PSHE session or simply at home, a book before bedtime.

Picture book / Reviewed by Louise Gahan, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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