Lucky Lazlo

Lucky Lazlo

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Steve Light, Steve Light



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It's curtains up on a production from Steve Light, whose intricate pen-and-ink style sets the stage for a high-speed chase through the theatre!

From Steve Light, the creator of Have You Seen My Dragon?, Have You Seen My Monster? and Swap!, comes a riotous romp backstage at the theatre! Lazlo is in love. So, with the perfect red rose in hand, he sets off to the theatre, where the girl of his dreams is starring in Alice in Wonderland. But when a cat snatches the flower and dashes backstage, Lazlo is in for a bit of bad luck. And it's no wonder, since, at the Peacock Theatre, they've broken every superstitious rule in the book. The chase is on - past the tailor, into the orchestra, over the prop table ... even through The Mad Hatter's tea party! Will Lazlo catch the cheeky kitty in time to present the flower to his lady love?



This is a delightful book - a simple story of Lazlo trying to deliver a red rose to his beloved at the theatre where she is appearing in a production of Alice in Wonderland. Things do not go smoothly, however, when a mischievous cat, for reasons best known to itself, steals the rose and causes chaos in the theatre as Lazlo chases him in pursuit of his precious rose. For such a simple story, there is an awful lot to interest the reader in this book. Firstly, Steve Light's black and white pen and ink illustrations which are beautifully intricate, interspersed with the odd flash of colour, are truly eye-catching. Secondly, Lazlo's chasing of the cat mirroring Alice's chasing of the rabbit in in the play links the two stories in an imaginative way and the reader will enjoy identifying the characters from Alice in Wonderland as they pop up. Thirdly, the last page contains an author's note in which Steve Light describes the various superstitions associated with the theatre and invites the reader to spot them in the illustrations. All in all, this is a book which has much to offer young children, who will enjoy sharing the book with an adult, and also older children who will pore over the illustrations having been set the challenge to find the superstitions. Picture book / Ages 3-7 years / Reviewed by June Hughes, school librarian.

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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