Marvellous Body: A Magic Lens Book

Marvellous Body: A Magic Lens Book

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Jane Wilsher, Andres Lozano


Non Fiction

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What on Earth Publishing Ltd








In this eye-catching book, readers can explore the hidden inner workings of the human body, look inside different organs and body systems and learn about how to look after their own physical and mental health at the same time. Readers use the see-through magic lens to reveal how our bodies function and the different body parts hard at work inside us. Find out how your senses work with your brain to show us the world around us, how doctors and nurses spot diseases and how we turn food into energy... and poo. So pick up the magic lens and take a tour of the marvellous human body!



Marvellous Bodies isn't just a run-of-the-mill non-fiction book about the body, oh no, it has a 'magical' element to it, too. Well, when we say magical, we really mean scientifically explainable… the red filtered hand lens allows us to look inside the bodies/images on each page, showing up extra detail!

My class really enjoyed looking for the extra details through the lens - so much so that they weren't really interested in the text, initially. It was only when the novelty of the lens had worn off that they could really settle and appreciate the content of the book. So it is a fabulous hook for lessons! It is perfect for years 5/6 'human bodies' topics in science and also to encourage those children who find reading challenging to get into by searching for details on the page; all good reading skills to develop in our youngsters - building reading for pleasure.

We would give this book a resounding 5/5 for generating such excitement in class and we enjoyed sharing the book together.

48 pages / Reviewed by Sharon Porter, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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