Meet the Wildlings

Meet the Wildlings

By Author / Illustrator

Gwen Millward


Friends and family

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Templar Publishing




Paperback / softback




A hilariously relatable story about learning to share and tantrums with bright, bold and quirky illustrations from Gwen Millward.

It all started with a GROWL....   Poppy and Max are brother and sister. And brothers and sisters are supposed to share . . . except Poppy was playing with MAX'S truck! Max was cross. Poppy was cross. And then suddenly . . . CRASH! FLASH! FIZZ!  THEY WERE WILDLINGS!

Can mum and dad find a way to get the less wild and much less hairy Poppy and Max back? Or will the children find a way to work together before it goes from bad to worse?

This fantastically funny story represents a blended family and gives voice to how tricky sharing can be as well as how to process the anger, frustration and jealousy that comes with it. Inspired by Maurice Sendak's well-loved characters from Where the Wild Things Are, Meet the Wildlings is the perfect addition for fans of the I Really Want to series, Barbara Throws a Wobbler, Tiny Tantrum and Sharing a Shell.



Meet the Wildlings is the brilliant picture book from Gwen Millward, author of One Tiny Dot. It starts with a growl from Max when Poppy is playing with his truck, which leads to another growl, which leads to…WILDLINGS!

When Poppy and Max don't play nicely, they turn into big, hairy, Wildlings… Mum and Dad don't know what to do with them - nothing works. Not swimming nor even the cinema! All Poppy and Max want to do is be children again so they can go to the park - but can they think of a way to turn back?

I really enjoyed this story and found myself chuckling along reading it - we've all been there and been a Wildling! I am seriously looking forward to using this in the classroom to help with those 'wildling' moments and as a discussion tool. Meet the Wildings is a great book for looking at teamwork and sharing, as well as being able to resolve situations and get along with others when sometimes we don't know how to react to situations.

Picture book / Reviewed by Lauren Maidman, class teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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