Soft and Sticky

Soft and Sticky

By Author / Illustrator

Jeanne Willis, Claire Powell


Friends and family

Age range(s)



Andersen Press




Paperback / softback




Soft and Sticky are total opposites, but does that mean the end of their friendship?  Soft and Sticky are best friends, but Soft's fluff always gets up Sticky's nose, and Sticky sticks like glue to Soft!  After one last argument, they decide to end their friendship - life will be better apart, won't it?  But they soon find they miss each other much more than they imagined...   Another hilarious story from award-winning children's author, Jeanne Willis!



What a fun book about Soft and Sticky who live together but have some problems and difficult situations. When you pick up this book you are immediately drawn in by the characters on the front cover who are in a peculiar pose due to being soft and sticky! These friends live together and are often stuck together due to being soft, or sticky. However, they decide that they have had enough of each other and need some space.

With a wash and a shave their lives change and they begin independent lives enjoying a host of activities (cleverly illustrated!) With their new found freedom brings loneliness as they navigate life without each other until... they realise that friendship is more important.

This book was shared by six to seven-year-olds who gasped and laughed throughout this funny book. A definite 5 stars!!

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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