My Colourful Chameleon: A Fun Rhyming Story About a Silly Pet

My Colourful Chameleon: A Fun Rhyming Story About a Silly Pet

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Leonie Roberts, Mike Byrne



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QED Publishing




Paperback / softback




A funny, rhyming story about a girl who keeps losing her beloved yet troublesome pet chameleon. It's not her fault though, changing colour is what chameleons do best! Mum is angry at the disappearing critter, and the girl must convince her that the pet can stay. Can she find away of keeping track of her troublesome pet?

This colourful and amusing rhyming tale is perfect for introducing children to the responsibilities involved with pet ownership, as well as learning about different colours. With fun activities and discussion points at the back of the book for both parents and teachers, My Colourful Chameleon is perfect for both storytime and the classroom.

Beautifully illustrated, QED's Storytime series introduces young children to the pleasures of reading and sharing stories. Featuring charming animal and human characters, the books explore important social and emotional themes like friendship, gratitude, perseverance and overcoming fears. A Next Steps page at the back provides guidance for parents and teachers.



A bright and colourful tale of how it feels to love and own a pet that can sometimes be a little frustrating. This lovely rhyming story tells the tale of a little girl who owns a very unusual pet - a chameleon. The problem is, that Mummy and Daddy are not quite so keen on the pet - 'but Mummy doesn't like her; she says that she's a pest!'. The naughty chameleon keeps changing colour and causing all sorts of funny mischief for the family, so that Mummy and Daddy become very frustrated and threaten to take the chameleon away. After a trip to the vet, Mummy soon learns that changing colour is what the chameleon is supposed to do and then learns to love the pet because she is so clever. Although the outline of this story seems very basic, it is very engaging and funny to read. Children will delight in the adventures and mischief the chameleon causes. As you read the story with your child, challenge them to spot the chameleon that has changed his colours and is hiding on each page. With a lovely rhyming narrative and a challenge to find the chameleon, children will love reading this story at any time of the day. The illustrations are big, bold and beautiful. The front cover is shimmering with all the colours of the chameleon and on every page the chameleon is hiding in one of the illustrations. One thing I particularly loved was that the chameleon is smiling and laughing in every illustration, despite the Mummy becoming frustrated and the little girl upset; the chameleon clearly loves his hide and seek game. A really lovely story, which is great fun to read as a whole family. Or in Primary setting there are a set of comprehension questions at the end so you can engage your class during carpet time and challenge them further. Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Joanna Hewish, teacher.

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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