My Dad is a Tree

My Dad is a Tree

By Author / Illustrator

Jon Agee


Family & Home

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Do you want to be a tree? It's easy.  Pretend your arms are branches, your body is a trunk, and your legs are roots. Then stand in one place and see what happens! If your parent is as patient as the dad in this story, you might get to stay outside all . . . day . . . long!

This playful story shows how entering in to the make-believe world of a child can bring fun, empathy and mindfulness. The build-up of amusing drama ends with the feel good exuberance of the little girl who gets her Dad to play with her all day, and loves being outside.



My Dad is a Tree has a simple storyline which will engage adults and children alike. Jon Agee's distinctive artwork is filled with his trademark, quirky humour to create a delightful tale that celebrates the simple joy of a child's make-believe world. The father-daughter relationship is beautifully portrayed and young children will love how Madeleine successfully cajoles her father into spending the day outside with her, engaging with nature.

On a beautiful sunny day in the backyard, Madeline talks dad into stopping for a moment and acting "like a tree". In a very short time, many of the local animals and even insects take notice of this new tree in the yard, and they move on in - taking up residence on dad's head, arm, and shoulders.

There are some great themes presented in the story, including an appreciation of the natural environment and the fun of playing a game outdoors with family members. This is a fun book to share and read aloud, the humour is perfect for young and old, I loved dad's quick glances at the readers throughout the story, and should lead to a further exploration of more of Jon Agee's wonderful picture books.

This silly and sweet picture book will inspire all kinds of imaginative play and is a tribute to parents who will do just about anything for their children.

Picture book / Reviewed by Amanda Shipton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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