Nature is an Artist

Nature is an Artist

By Author / Illustrator

Jennifer Lavallee, Natalia Colombo



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Greystone Books




Paperback / softback




For kids who love to draw and create, this captivating picture book fosters an appreciation for nature and features craft ideas to inspire young artists.
Kids will be inspired to create:

  • Fingerprint bumblebees

  • Sculptures made of sand

  • Rainbow colored jars

  • And more!

Nature is an Artist explores different art forms that kids can find in the natural world. In the book, a group of children follow Nature-the most inspiring of teachers-as they discover the world's greatest art show hidden in plain sight. As they witness beautiful landscapes, stunning vistas, and unusual creatures, each child is inspired to recreate their own fine work of art.

With charming, rhythmic text from Jennifer Lavalee and vivid, eye-catching illustrations from Natalia Colombo, Nature is an Artist celebrates nature's beauty and variety, and instills children with the confidence to see themselves as artists, and respect and appreciation for nature, appreciating the art in their own outdoor surroundings.



Nature is an Artist is a kaleidoscope of colour, with a green creature representing nature who creates all sorts of landscapes. It is aimed at young children, however, my Year Five children (ages 9+) enjoyed thinking about the landscape vocabulary, making links to their geography learning alongside the art!  Mother Nature is represented by a green creature with a paintbrush and we connected this to a variety of creation stories that we studied in history and RE.

This is a lovely book to encourage reading for pleasure and will be enjoyed by children aged 5+.

Picture book / Reviewed by Sharon Porter, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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