Nervous Nigel

Nervous Nigel

By Author / Illustrator

Bethany Christou


Personal Growth

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Templar Publishing




Paperback / softback




Nigel loves swimming. The water is his favourite place to float and think. But he doesn't like swimming competitions. As soon as the whistle blows, his heart starts hammering, his tail starts trembling and his teeth start chattering. Can Nigel find the courage to tell his family how he really feels?



Nervous Nigel is a lovely picture book that carries an important message for children - and adults - alike; that children shouldn't be afraid to talk about how they really feel, and that as adults, we should be better listeners.

Nigel, a young crocodile, is surrounded by high achievers; his family are all top swimmers, divers and racers. But while Nigel loves the water, racing makes him very nervous.

Bethany Christou's illustrations perfectly highlight how Nigel tries - and fails - to explain to his family how he feels, and how nervous he is the day before his first race. Nigel doesn't want to let them down, but they won't listen to what he is trying to tell them. Sure enough, the race is a disaster - but at least his family is now listening, and finally Nigel finds his own way to succeed in the water.

Very often children are nervous about trying to explain how they feel about something and as adults, we fail to listen properly, so this is a gentle reminder that we all need to be better listeners. The story is also important for its message to children that expressing their feelings is important, and this picture books could be used to encourage children to talk about their feelings and why they might find it challenging to say what they feel.

Rather than finding ways to overcome nerves in order to do what is expected of him, Nigel does what makes him happiest, and succeeds in a different way, so this story can also be used to explore how we all have different talents, and different things to be proud of.

As Nigel manages to find his own path, the final spreads are a gorgeous confirmation of his individuality and self-awareness; look out for the home made certificates and cups on the end pages, too, which are a lovely touch.

This is a gorgeous picture book with an important message for us all.

Picture book / Reviewed by Ellen Green

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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