Nothing Scares Spider

Nothing Scares Spider

By Author / Illustrator

S Marendaz, Carly Gledhill


Friends and family

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Little Tiger Press Group




Paperback / softback




Spider is going on an ADVENTURE! There might be Fearsome Fishes. And Hungry Birdies. And Hairy Beasties! Spider's not scared - but her friends are. They call her back from her adventure time and time again, and Spider starts to get cross. There's NOTHING to be scared of . . . or is there?



Nothing Scares Spider is a fantastic expressive and repetitive sequenced story. As the title suggests, spider is not afraid of anything! Within the flowerbed, she keeps all her friends protected from scary things. One day she decides she is leaving and is off on an adventure. Her friends - butterfly, ladybird and bumblebee - are not too thrilled by this and wonder who will protect them so Spider leaves a trail of web that the friends can use ONLY in emergencies. However, as the story continues, spider keeps being pulled back to emergencies. Or at least what the friends think are emergencies! Getting quite cross, Spider shouts at her friends and reminds them to only pull the web in a real emergency. Spider stomps off back to her adventure.  A little while later, spider is yanked all the way back to her friends where there is a real emergency but by working collaboratively, the friends resolve the problem. Spider decides that next time she goes on an adventure, she is taking the friends with her!

The text is engaging through it's expressiveness and it's bright, bold illustrations. This is the perfect text to use to introduce and teach dispositions. The text demonstrates good examples of resilience, collaboration, reflectiveness, resilience and creativity.

Picture book / Reviewed by Maria Faithorn, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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