Once Upon a Storytime

Once Upon a Storytime

By Author / Illustrator

Gareth Peter, Natelle Quek


Fairy Tales & Folk Tales

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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC








Nia loves stories about dragons and unicorns, brave princesses and faraway lands. Every night, Mum tucks her into bed, and they lose themselves in another wonderful adventure. But what if, Nia asks, she gets kidnapped by a wicked witch? Or locked up by a terrible Beast in a tower? Or stuck at the top of a beanstalk with a grouchy giant? Would Mum come and rescue her? The answer to that is ... 'YES, ALWAYS.'



In this heartwarming story, we see how a young girl, Nia, and her mum bond over bedtime stories. As they explore classic fairytales, Nia asks what would happen if she was the main character in each story, facing the struggles, getting lost and meeting beasts, giants and witches? Her mum is always right there to reassure her that she would always come to Nia's rescue in the most fantastical ways.

My daughter adored this sentiment and happily said that I would always be there for her, making this beautiful story easily relatable to her life. The painterly illustrations are full colour and highly detailed, a true delight to explore. 

Once Upon a Storytime is a really lovely book with many facets. My daughter had fun identifying the classic stories referenced, we enjoyed spending time looking at each picture and the emotions expressed in them, and then afterwards we discussed the importance of a mummy-daughter relationship. We would highly recommend this story for all mums to read with their daughters!

Picture book / Reviewed by Jemma Jeffrey

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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