Oscar Seeks a Friend

Oscar Seeks a Friend

By Author / Illustrator

Pawel Pawlak, Antonia Lloyd-Jones



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Lantana Publishing







Oscar is a book of differences; of how a lonely individual seeks friendship and acceptance away from what is familiar. An unlikely friendship is formed between Oscar - a lonely skeleton - and a little girl, beginning when her tooth falls out. The book's striking images could provide ample opportunity for children to learn about collage and paper craft; this could then be used to sequence the story itself through simple story boards. It is, however, the book's primary message about friendship and acceptance that the story could be best used for. Children of all ages, but particularly younger children, might relate to the character of Oscar who at the beginning of the story lacks confidence and worries about they way he looks. What we learn as the friendship between Oscar and the girl flourishes is that it is not what we look like, but what we are like, and whether we have the capacity to accept differences and embrace new experiences, that matter. A lesson that is so valuable for young an old alike and one that would lend itself well to any PSHE lessons. Picture book / Ages 5-8 years / Reviewed by Louise Gahan, teacher

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