Our Castle by the Sea

Our Castle by the Sea

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Lucy Strange



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Chicken House Ltd




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From the bestselling author of THE SECRET OF NIGHTINGALE WOOD comes an exciting wartime mystery entwined with magic and myth ...'A beautiful story.' KIRAN MILLWOOD HARGRAVE, author of The Girl of Ink & Stars'[A] mesmerising second novel' THE TELEGRAPH'A poignant and uplifting tale packed with adventure, atmosphere and intriguing characters.' MAIL ON SUNDAYEngland is at war. Growing up in a lighthouse, Pet's world has been one of storms, secret tunnels and stories about sea monsters. But now the clifftops are a terrifying battleground, and her family is torn apart. This is the story of a girl who is small, afraid and unnoticed. A girl who freezes with fear at the enemy planes ripping through the skies overhead. A girl who is somehow destined to become part of the strange, ancient legend of the Daughters of Stone ...



In wartime England, 1939, an insular family live and work in a lighthouse, watching over Dragon Bay in the village of Stonegate. Youngest daughter Pet is mesmerised by the Daughters of Stone and terrified of the Wyrm, the perilous sandbank/sea monster from the legends told by her father. Pet knows that her fate is to become a part of this ancient story and as the war creeps closer and closer to Stonegate, she realises increasingly just how big a role she has to play. Just like the Wyrm, Our Castle by the Sea is full of twists and turns. Be prepared for heartbreak, mystery, intrigue and suspense! The plot builds wonderfully, however, it is the human narrative which is the highlight of the book, with carefully written, complex characters who will take your breath away. Based on significant events during the Second World War such as the passing of the Treachery Act, the evacuation of allied soldiers at Dunkirk and the formation of Local Defence Volunteers, Our Castle by the Sea could easily be used to support History lessons. The treatment of refugees, foreign nationals and 'enemy aliens' in the novel also reflect similar situations in the modern world, making it a valuable read in terms of possible PSHE sessions and developing empathy generally. I would highly recommend Our Castle By the Sea as a class read and for individuals interested in history, adventure or mystery. 321 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Rhiannon Cook, school librarian

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