Pick a Pumpkin

Pick a Pumpkin

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Patricia Toht, Jarvis



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Walker Books Ltd







A delightfully fun seasonal picture book that really captures the essence of Halloween. It is so rare to find a picture book about Halloween away from all the scary ghouls and monsters normally depicted in these books. How refreshing to find something I can show my children and share with my son's Year 1 School class; a book about Halloween that captures the fun and frolics of this yearly event. This rhyming picture book tells a story about all the fun things to do around Halloween, beginning with going to the Pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin from the array of all shapes and sizes in the field. The children and their parents set out cleaning and carving the pumpkins inviting friends and family to form a 'pumpkin carving crew', making all sorts of funny or scary faces in the pumpkins. The pumpkin carving crew then set out to decorate the house and dress up to go trick or treating, before finally lighting the 'Jack-O-Lantern', 'to guard your house while you have fun'. Written with regular rhymes throughout, this story will delight young children as they follow the rhythm and pick out details from the beautiful illustrations. The illustrations are hand drawn with autumnal colours which capture the essence of this October story. The message is wholesome - family and friends coming together and spending time having fun during Halloween and the illustrations reflect this. One thing I particularly liked from an adult point of view was the careful phrasing,'let grown-ups cut the top a bit', and 'ask someone to strike a match. Watch! The candle's wick will catch'. Refreshing and original, a huge recommend from me to show young children the true fun and excitement around Halloween without the scary monsters! Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Joanna Hewish, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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