Pocket Pirates: The Great Drain Escape: Book 2

Pocket Pirates: The Great Drain Escape: Book 2

By Author / Illustrator

Chris Mould



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Hachette Children's Group




Paperback / softback




In an old junk shop sits a dusty ship in a bottle. And when the world isn't watching, a tiny pirate crew comes out to explore. They're smaller than a teacup, but these scurvy sailors have a HUGE appetite for adventure!

When the junk-shop dog moves in underneath the Pocket Pirates' shelf, their route to the kitchen is blocked! The noise of rumbling stomachs is keeping everyone awake, and their last few stale breadcrumbs won't keep them going long.

Do they dare to go ... OUTSIDE?

The second in an unmissable series about tiny pirates who have BIG adventures, with gorgeous black and white illustrations throughout, from the illustrator of A Boy Called Christmas.

The second book in an irresistible series about tiny pirates who have BIG adventures ... read on with The Great Flytrap Disaster.



This story follows some little pirates who live in a toyshop as they explore the world. In this story, Buttons the cabin boy sneaks off outside to explore, this eventually leads to the whole crew venturing out and getting swept down a drain! After many shenanigans, they all eventually fiend these,elves back at the shop. This story is very similar to the borrowers - it's about little people in the human world - except I feel that the author has tried to cram so much into the story that it's hard to get involved and excited by it. Everything moves so rapidly, you don't get a chance to really revel in some of the funnier moments. The language in the story is quite sophisticated yet the plot points are quite simple and so, as I read, I found it hard to imagine who I would recommend this book to. I think you'd have to be a good reader to make sense of the language used, but there's some toilet humour and other very simple elements that I'm not sure would capture the interest of older readers. The compromise I feel, is that this is a book to be shared between a child and adult... Children can enjoy the plot and adults can explain the trickier words. This wasn't my favourite book, it felt a little unoriginal..but that's not to say there aren't some children out tho who would enjoy pirates dodging a big floating poo, escaping from coach roaches and bin diving for their meals!

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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