Puppy Club: Coco Settles In

Puppy Club: Coco Settles In

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Catherine Jacob, illus Rachael Saunders



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Little Tiger Press Group




Paperback / softback




Welcome to Puppy Club!   Join Jaya, Willow, Daniel, Elsa, Arlo and Harper as they all navigate the ups and downs of life with a brand-new puppy!

Elsa loves her gorgeous puppy Coco but her family's two cats aren't so welcoming. They chase the terrified pup all over the house! And to make things worse, Coco's chewing everything and it's stressing Mum out. Luckily Puppy Club is on hand to help, and soon Operation Friendship is underway, with plans to keep Coco out of trouble and help her bond with the cats. But with each day seeming to bring a new disaster, Elsa can't help worrying ... what if Mum has second thoughts about keeping the puppy?

A heart-warming new series for young animal-loving readers, perfect for fans of Holly Webb and Helen Peters.  See also: Puppy Club: Lulu's Big Surprise

Catherine Jacob reads from Puppy Club



Puppy Club: Coco Settles In is the second instalment in the Puppy Club series. It follows the story of Elsa and her friends; Jaya, Willow, Daniel, Arlo and Harper who have all adopted puppies from the same dog home. Together they have created a Puppy Club, creating friendships between dogs and humans.

This story centres around Elsa and her puppy, Coco, who is the newest and youngest member of her family. Unfortunately Elsa's family cats, Juno and Lupo, are not Coco's biggest fans when she arrives, causing a few issues in the house. It is up to Elsa and the Puppy Club to work together on operation friendship to see if they can get the cats and Coco to live in the house harmoniously.

I thought that the book was cleverly written in that it has a lot of tips and tricks for children who have a dog. It gives clear messages to children about the good and sometimes not so good parts about having a dog as well as following a sweet storyline. As a fellow dog owner, I think this would be a fab choice of book to read with a child if you are thinking about getting or have just got a dog for the first time, as well as being an enjoyable read. I look forward to seeing what the third book has in store…

160 pages / Reviewed by Lauren, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


Another interesting Puppy Club book! As a teacher, I watch many children enjoy these books every day. They love the characters and the adventures they can get involved in as they read the stories.

This story, Puppy Club: Coco Settles In, involves all of the puppies - Dash, Peanut, Minnie, Teddy, Ronnie and Elsa's new puppy called Coco. Elsa is worried about Coco who isn't being welcomed by the family's cats so she seeks advice from her friends at puppy club. The whole gang love puppies and are keen to try and help Elsa.

Any puppy mad child will enjoy following their adventures! The book is perfect for young readers who are beginning to build their stamina and starting to enjoy short chapter books. The text is of a good size and there isn't too much on each page; it's mixed with plenty of illustrations to avoid children becoming overwhelmed. The chapters are short which makes it more manageable too. There also an interactive quiz which children can enjoy taking at the end of the story as well as instructions on how to draw their own puppy, which they will love.

160 pages / Reviewed by Lucy, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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