Rosie Loves Jack

Rosie Loves Jack

By Author / Illustrator

Mel Darbon



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Usborne Publishing Ltd




Paperback / softback




Rosie loves Jack. Jack loves Rosie. So when they're separated, Rosie will do anything to find the boy who makes the sun shine in her head. Even run away from home. Even struggle across London and travel to Brighton, though the trains are cancelled and the snow is falling. Even though people might think a girl like Rosie could never survive on her own. See the world through new eyes in this one-in-a-million story.



Rosie isn't Rosie without Jack. And she's determined to follow him to Brighton so they can be together again. Travelling alone isn't so easy for Rosie as she has Downs Syndrome and when the weather shuts down the train lines, the people she meets, and events, soon take a turn for the worse. Rosie is an extremely likeable character who could teach us all to be more caring, determined and adventurous. Although Rosie meets some truly unsavoury characters, there are also some diamonds along the way who help her with her quest and bring joy when she is feeling low. I must admit to tense moments as I willed Rosie to get to safety, and her Jack. Overriding everything is the sense of love that Rosie and Jack feel for one another, without them really spending any significant time on the pages together. This book should be on the reading list for all teens to ensure empathy and understanding of the difficulties but also the amazing personalities of people dealing with learning difficulties and disabilities. It would also prove to them that love and life are things that are really no different no matter who you are. Due to the later content and subject matter I would recommend this for older readers. 352 pages / Ages 14+ / Reviewed by Lorraine Ansell, school librarian.

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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