SandRider: A TodHunter Moon Adventure

SandRider: A TodHunter Moon Adventure

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Angie Sage



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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC







Sandrider by Angie Sage's Sandrider is the second Magykal adventure in her TodHunter Moon series. A spin-off of the bestselling Septimus Heap sequence, the book follows the exhilarating escapades of the ExtraOrdinary Apprentice Alice TodHunter Moon and a sparkling support cast. In the vast Desert of the Singing Sands the dragon Spit Fyre faithfully guards the Orm Egg, destined to be the source of endless Lapis Lazuli for whoever is imprinted by the newly-hatched Orm. Lapis Lazuli being the source of powerful Magyk, Alice (Tod), Septimus and the inhabitants of Wizard Tower are desperate to stop evil sorcerer, Oraton-Marr seizing the powerful Magyk and bringing terror to their castle home. Tod's adventure sees her bravely confront a multitude of dangers as she ricochets between two distinct but equally captivating worlds. New and old friendships are tested as Tod desperately tries to balance her loyalties and new-found responsibilities. A thoroughly engaging heroine, Septimus is very much a background figure in this series allowing Tod to shine and develop her pathfinding skills. The start may be a little slow and may slightly perplex readers new to the world of Septimus Heap but the story soon races along at a cracking pace. There are numerous neat references to the previous books which far from discouraging readers are much more likely to intrigue sufficiently to lead them to read the rest of the Magyk collection. Whilst particularly perfect for those looking for a post-Potter read and for fans of fantasy fiction, the combination of wonderfully compelling story-telling, vivid landscapes and intriguing characters make Sandrider a fantastic adventure that should have wide appeal. Highly recommended. Pages: 367 Age 9+

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