Santa's New Reindeer

Santa's New Reindeer

By Author / Illustrator

Caroline Crowe, Jess Pauwels


Picture Books

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Faber & Faber




Paperback / softback




Santa needs a new reindeer in this third hilarious Christmas must-have picture book, from the duo who brought you Santa's New Beard and Santa's New Sleigh!

One week to go 'till Christmas Day,
The final touches underway,
A ribbon here, a flourish there,
And presents piled up everywhere.

Santa smiled. 'What could go wrong?'
He didn't have to wait too long . . .
Out of the sky a whirling blur,
Of antlers, legs and soft brown fur,

Came crashing through the workshop roof,
And that's how Rudolph sprained his hoof . . .

Oh no! Another Christmas disaster! The sleigh can't fly without Rudolph. Luckily, head engineer Lizzie is on hand to help . . . introducing ROBO-REINDEER! Christmas is saved once more.

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The front cover of Santa's New Reindeer grabbed my class's attention immediately with a whole array of questions flying about! Why does Santa need a new reindeer? Why is Rudolph sat in the sleigh? What is that on Rudolph's leg? What is that flying the sleigh? Will they be able to save Christmas?

It is always great to engage in book talk and really fire up the children's excitement for the book that is about to be read and this time, the front cover did all of that for me! With only one week to go until Christmas Day, of course Rudolph is up to his usual tricks. He twists and turns and ends up falling through the elves' workshop roof and breaking his hoof! Santa is down from eight reindeer to seven. They can't possibly fly the sleigh fast enough to get around the whole world in time for Christmas morning.

The elves can't bear to see Christmas cancelled so they came up with an exhaustive list of humorous ideas but each one just would not do. Can the elves find a fix in time to save Christmas? Perhaps keen inventor elf Lizzie can help!

Upon finishing this book, I was introduced to two other Christmas books in this series: Santa's New Beard and Santa's New Sleigh. These sound (and look!) just as hilariously jolly and I cannot wait to read them next. Will creativity save the day again? What better gift to give than the gift of laughter at Christmas time!

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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