School's Cancelled

School's Cancelled

By Author / Illustrator

Serena Patel, Emma McCann


Mystery & Detective

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Usborne Publishing Ltd




Paperback / softback




Anisha can't wait to show off her volcano project at the science fair...and maybe win the prize trip to the national space centre. But when the volcano explodes and floods the school, Anisha is disqualified. It's so unfair, because it wasn't her fault! Can Anisha, her best friend Milo, a pet rat, and a high-school vlogger catch the culprit?

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For budding scientist Anisha Mistry, being chosen to represent her school at the science fair is the ultimate dream. It doesn't matter that the horrid twins are now at her school and that they are friends with her arch-enemy Beena Bhatt because now, she and her best friend Milo Moon are part of the chosen team.

Things are at last looking up and she has everything to look forward to. That is until, during a practice run for their experiment, things take a turn for the worse. Anisha's dreams could be shattered unless she and Milo (along with his trusty pet rat) can solve the mystery that has brought shame upon her head.

In this well-written sequel to the first Anisha, Accidental Detective mystery, Serena Patel takes us on another plot-twisting forage into the world of an accidental detective. The mystery unfolds to allow readers to see the logical thinking and connection of ideas and clues that eventually lead Anisha to solving the mystery. The added bonus of mini-glossaries where needed, recipes and science experiments would make any reader eager to try out the life of Anisha Mistry.

Links to friendship, bullying, blended families, self-belief, perseverance and science.

224 pages / Reviewed by Donna Burkert, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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