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Hannah Pang, Clover Robin



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Nature is like a magical picture that changes with the seasons.

Watch six breathtaking landscapes transform in front of your eyes in this beautifully illustrated book. Interactive split pages create an immersive experience that allows readers to take a visual journey across the globe, from the Arctic tundra to the African plains. With simple facts and stunning, collaged artwork, this is the perfect book for nature lovers, young and old.  Step through a magical year in nature.



Seasons has to be one of the most beautiful books I have seen for a long, long time! The layout of each page and the images to accompany are just stunning and cannot wait to share this book with my class.

The book explores six different landscapes across the four seasons; from looking at the Arctic in the summer through to the Yellow Dragon Valley in China in Winter time. Each season is covered meticulously through the choice of words and facts on the page and the images portrayed within each season. Each landscape is exquisitely described and a range of animals, plants and trees within the seasons show the change at each time of the year and make you want to be there.

I would thoroughly recommend this book for lots of reasons (and lessons!) but especially for those children who love non-fiction texts, nature and animals. I have certainly learnt a lot through reading this book, not just about seasons but about places I have never been to (or heard of) and how the weather affects and changes the creatures inhabiting it.

40 pages / Reviewed by Lauren, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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