STEMville: The Bee Connection

STEMville: The Bee Connection

By Author / Illustrator

Ben Newman



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As Mason follows clues through Bug Borough, you'll discover everything there is to know about bees! Learn all about the different types of bees, their homes, how they communicate and what you can do to help look after them.



Meet Mason B. Chandler, owner of Stemville's private detective agency. In her first case, Mason follows the clues to solve a sticky situation which has caused Bug Borough to come to a standstill. Not only does she reveal the truth about what happened, Mason introduces readers to the fascinating world of bees along the way.

Combining story, information and appealing illustrations, The Bee Connection  is an absolute must-have for any curious nature lover, class bookshelf or library. There is a feeling of Richard Scarry's 'Busy World' to some spreads, drawing the reader into Mason's world and encouraging them to linger over each spread, absorbing the details whilst other pictures really help to support and explain the text.

Following Mason on her investigation, readers are encouraged to notice details and develop their factual knowledge of the different varieties of bees and their lifestyles. So much information is given, but in such a readable, easily digested style, brilliantly supported by the illustrations, that there is never a feeling of being over-loaded or overwhelmed by facts. Paragraphs, labelled diagrams, captions and short snippets of text keep the reader interested and attentive.

The book concludes with practical suggestions for how to be 'bee friendly', encouraging readers to value and look after these incredible creatures. These would be simple to follow at home or in school and the book would make an invaluable resource for teachers, supporting the science curriculum, developing interest in STEM subjects and modelling information writing as well as perhaps inspiring children to draw and design their own bee characters who might live in Bug Borough!

Anyone familiar with the very excellent Professor Astro-Cat series will have high expectations of this - and they will not be disappointed. Informative and entertaining, The Bee Connection is an bee-rilliant read!

48 pages / Ages 6+ / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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