Shiver Point: A Tap At The Window

Shiver Point: A Tap At The Window

By Author / Illustrator

Gabriel Dylan



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Piccadilly Press




Paperback / softback




Welcome to SHIVER POINT, home of spooks, screams and small-town horror! Enter if you dare...

When Riley notices a new scarecrow in the field by her house, she doesn't think much of it. Until she hears rumours of break-ins across town and strange figures sighted in the fields when the sun goes down. And then one night she hears a tap at the window...  It's time to get the Shiver Squad on the case. But when all roads lead them to the abandoned Darkraven Farm, will they be able to save the town from the scarecrow's vengeance in time?

Packed with chills and thrills, Shiver Point is a hair-raising horror series for readers aged 9-12, perfect for fans of Goosebumps and Dread Wood.  See Also:  Shiver Point: It Came from the Woods (book 1)

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The second book of Gabriel Dylan's Shiver Point Series, A Tap at the Window, does not disappoint. This chilling horror story is a perfect read for any R L Stein fan and ultimately leaves the reader with a hair-raising experience.

We return to Shiver Point, the small town that seems to be the home of spooks and mysterious happenings. Strange things are happening in Shiver Point and, when the Shiver Squad start asking questions, everything seems to lead back to the abandoned Darkraven Farm.  Riley, who lives near the farm, knows that the scarecrow lurking in its fields has got something to do with the mysterious happenings in town... This hair-raising adventure becomes intense when the Shiver Squad decide to visit the farm to seek answers. They have no idea what is awaiting them!

I absolutely loved reading this book, it created an atmosphere of fear and suspense that hooked me in from the very first page. The characters all contribute to the themes running throughout this story. Their bravery, friendship and pure curiosity is enough to captivate any reader.

This book would be a fantastic resource for teaching children to unpick and write their own stories within the horror genre. They would be able to understand how settings contribute to the overall theme within the story and how different writing techniques can achieve a sense of fear and suspense. This would also be an excellent alternative genre for story time across Key Stage 2.

224 pages / Reviewed by Hayley Summerfield, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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